Station Retro: 256-522-2305 | 2005 Jordan Lane NW, Huntsville AL 35816

OPEN 12Noon-11:00pm Monday through Friday, 10am-Midnight Saturday, Noon-9pm Sunday.


Magic Players: Play 5 Friday Night Drafts or 5 Wednesday Night Commander Tournaments and get the 6th for free!

Events at StationRetro!
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Flames of War: The Longest Weekend Tournament
10:00am Saturday June 19th & 20th

10 Tables. 20 Players. Army shattering prizes! 3 rounds on Saturday, 2 rounds on Sunday.
Plus - classic WWII movies playing on the big screen in the background all weekend long!
All ticket revenue goes into one massive store credit prize pool, which can go up to a maximum of $500!
1st Place: 50%; 2nd: 20%; 3rd: 10%; Best Painting: 5%; Best Sport: 5%; Best Local: 5%
105 point Late-War armies. Submit your army list no later than Friday before (June 18th) to
If you bring both an Axis and Allied army (to balance out play) you will get an FOW plastic Unit Card Holder, token or objective token for your effort! Choose your units wisely for both sides!
Tables and opponents will be assigned randomly. Terrain pieces and tables will be provided by the store. We will use the extended Missions matrix to determine missions, Attacker & Defender.
And yes, you can use any Late-War army, including the newly released Finns, Hungarians, etc.
Masks or social distancing required. Players are encouraged to use store-provided hand sanitizer often. Players must refrain from touching anyone else's army pieces, rule books, dice or other possessions w/out permission.
Current sign-ups as of 6/9/2021: M. Jumonville, B. Bartucca, E. Hall, C. Underdonk, B. Koches, J. Lewis, A. Sheridan, L. Himmel, C. Birch, P. Jacob, C. Clay, E. Preston, R. Sanders, S. Atchinson, J Best Jr., G. Hill, A. Kennemer, J. Meier, C. Bellatti
Magic: Strixhaven Draft
7:00pm-11pm Friday

Limited Seating, so get your ticket NOW!
Prize Pool: $10 per ticket into Store Credit Prize Pool
Prize Support: 1st: 50% SC, 2nd: 25%, 3rd: 25%;
Dungeons & Dragons Season 2!
No DM? No problem! Come play D&D with our in-house StationRetro Dungeon Master Sunday 1pm or Saturday 11am. Store provides all materials needed, including 3d printed minis, terrain maps, dice, character sheets, and more! Campaign is new & veteran player friendly, starting at the appropriate levels.
$8 per session, or purchase 5-episodes for a big discount!
$8.00 per Session
$25.00 5 Pack ($5 per episode!)
YuGiOh Casual OR Speed Duel Tournament: 7pm Wednesday!
Prize Support: 1st: 50% SC, 2nd: 25% SC, 3rd: 15% SC; 4th: 10% SC!
3:00pm-6:30pm Saturday

Prize Support: 100% of Ticket Prices goes into Store Credit Prize Pool! 1st: 50% SC, 2nd: 30%, 3rd: 10%; 4th: 10%
YuGiOh Tournament: 7pm Saturday!
1 Participation Pack Per Entry! 2 packs per entry goes into the Prize Pool. 1st Place: 50% of Prize Pool; 2nd: 30%; 3rd: 10%; 4th: 10%
Magic: Commander League!
7:00pm-11pm Saturday

Nightly Prizes: 3, 2, 1 Kaldheim packs for 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.
League Prize Support: 1st: 50% SC, 2nd: 1/2, 3rd: 1/4; 4th: 1/4
$5.00 Per Night