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We are now OPEN 12:00am Noon-11:00pm Monday through Saturday, and closed Sunday.

Events at StationRetro This Week!
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Model Madness Mondays!
4:00pm-10pm Every Monday

Come hang out with modeling enthusiasts (Gundam, Warhammer, D&D, whatever!) and make your models. Get tips & tricks, share tools and ideas.

Red Dragon Inn Tournament!
7:00pm-11pm Friday 31st
After a busy day of adventuring, come play a game of Red Dragon Inn with Gamemasters Callahan and Key! Find out if you've got what it takes to be the last one standing at the Red Dragon Inn!
Prizes: 1st place $24 SC; 2nd $12 SC; 3rd & 4th: $6 SC (Plus lots of Free RPG Day items)
Seating limited so get your tickets now!
Magic The Gathering: Friday Night Draft!
7:00pm-11pm Friday 31st
Core 2021
Prize Support: 1st place: $15 SC + 2 Promo Packs; 2nd Place: $12 SC + 1 promo pack; 3rd & Fourth: $4 SC
Entry-fee + DCI # + Phone # = Prize Elegibility!
Dungeons and Dragons! Theros, Legends Untold: Season 1, Episodes 1-5
Now choose three times to play: Monday 6pm-11pm, Wednesday 6pm-11pm, or Saturday 11am-4pm
Saturday is now sold out! Only Monday nights and Wednesday nights are still available!
With one episode per week, and three different times to play it, there's no excuse not to join the adventure and excitement! This first act is 5 episodes long, set in the crossover land of DnD & Theros.
When you create your character for this game you can use it for the next game, and the next, and the next...
Starts the week of July 27th (Monday - Session 0) and runs until Sept 5th (Saturday).

Choose Playtime:
Magic The Gathering: Friday Night DOUBLE MASTERS DRAFT!
7:00pm-11pm Friday 7th
Price includes 3 Double Masters Packs. Prize Support: 1st place: 3 Double Masters packs + 2 Promo Packs; 2nd Place: 2 Double Masters Pack SC + 1 promo pack; 3rd & Fourth: 1 Double Masters Pack
Entry-fee + DCI # + Phone # = Prize Elegibility!
Buy NOW because this will fill up FAST.
Pickup on Friday the 7th.
Get a great price on the highly anticipated Double Masters VIP Box! Buy NOW because supplies are limited!
Pickup on Friday the 7th.